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REFERRALS - some comments from our customers

Mike Last - Wokingham - I had trouble with my PC crashing and running very slowly. Ken reinstalled my Windows operating sytem and also took care of my virus and adware problems. Now my computer runs like a dream and I have no more blue screens of death! Highly recommended.

Linda Stern -Wokingam - I allowed my Norton virus registration to lapse and so my machine became infected with 76 virii !! Ken was able to clean all of these off and also restore the registry which had been totally corrupted. I now have a firewall and up to date virus protection. Excellent work.

Cheryl Parker - Bracknell - I have three children and no matter how hard I tried my computer was always contracting viruses via the internet and chat /messaging forums. After having the machine cleaned and disinfected three times,Ken suggested I used a disk imaging system, now if the PC goes wrong all I have to do is restore from an image and the system is as good as new. Great stuff from KJ-H Computing

Andrew Groth -Sunningdale - My computers hard drive died and I lost all my data. Fortunately KJ-H were able to fit a new hard drive for me and restore my computer to new. They were also able to advise me the best way to restore my data. Great service and very helpful.

Bill Clegg - Bracknell - My email was not working and I was unable to send or receive mail. Ken had my computer overnight and I it was back the next day with everything repaired and he even checked it for viruses and cleaned out the registry. I will recommend him to all my friends and colleagues at work.

Tracey Skee- Forest Oak - I was fed up with so called experts ruining my computer. As as last resort I contacted KJ-H Computing and they were able to completely revitalise my PC. My faith is restored - no more cowboys for me.   : o )

Bob Crocker -Slough - My four laptops needed anti-virus software and firewalls installing. KJ-H were able to fix them all overnight and I picked them up the next day. Wonderful service -thoroughly recommended.

Sarah Gore -Binfield - After receiving a laptop for Xmas and deciding I needed some tuition, I contacted KJ-H. Ken gave me some private lessons and now I am much more at home with my computer and am amazed by what it can actually achieve, when you know how. Many thanks.

Trisha Harris -Sonning - My two computers decided to crash within a day of each other : o ( KJ-H were able to restore them both within two days even though one needed some special memory that was out of manufacture. Excellent service and turnaround.

Helen Whitehead -Wokingham- I am an old age pensioner and needed some advice on new graphics cards. Ken came round advised the best card to use for my needs and promptly fitted it the next day. No fuss - just good old fashioned service and well informed advice.

Paula Delaney- Wokingham- After several abortive goes at restoring my faulty Windows operating system I gave up and contacted Ken Hall. Within a day he had sorted out all my problems and now the computer is just whizzy! Full marks for service and expertise.


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Berkshire Computer and PC Repairs - KJ-H Computing in Wokingham,Bracknell,Arborfield,Crowthorne and Reading


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